Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sally Wu Debuted Collection

New York Designer Sally Wu welcomed her collection Act 1 last night when she presented it at Art+Craft(in the Chambers Fine Art Gallery). It was enough to keep me wanting more!

The collection's pieces were very bold with the use of black, nude, plum, and other subtle colors. They maintained a timeless elegance, easy to transition from day to night. This Autumn, Sally Wu will keep you worm with her assortment of warm materials such as wools suede and cotton stretch jersey.

Art+Craft was held in side of an art gallery, and when I spoke with Sally, she mentioned that the idea was inspired by her childhood days as a traditional calligrapher and painter in Shanghai. I was mingling with her friends, other press members and New York's trendsetters to find that, Sally Wu has been actively involved in contemporary art, architectural design and you see these influences in her garments.

I was not expecting a fashion show, but Sally Wu put a twist on the showcase and delivered one! When a model walked out there were "ohhs & ahhs" throughout. The models made their way through the crowd, stood on pedestals and posed like statues in the spotlights.

Fifth on Main will be keeping their eyes open for more Sally Wu to come.


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